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The secret to perfect skin and radiant beauty is that there is no secret. All you have to do, is to love yourself enough and treat your body nicely.

You can’t solve your beauty issues separately, you are more than just a collection of individual body parts. At Alchimie urban spa and hair art, we have been using a holistic approach since 2016. Our team treats and heals your skin with sessions of deep relaxation. It’s your body’s favourite gift, a place to disconnect and feel rejuvenated.

A few years ago Anda started Alchimie’s skin coaching sessions. It starts with a thorough analysis of your skin, to be able to offer you tailored advice, tips and tricks to give you back the control over your own beauty. You are the ideal person to take care of it, and now you’ll know how. To spread the love for self care we are launching our own line of high performance, all natural skin care products and video tutorials. We’re just here to help you help yourself, and we want you to find your true self-love through rituals and micro moments of self-indulgence.

The Dream Team

Anda Burcea

Co-founder - Specialist in apiary cosmetology

Anda studied “Biotechnology of the Environment’’ and “Management of the Environment’’ and this helps her to understand how our body works and how we connect with nature. In respect to this human – nature bond she chose to specialize in Apiary Cosmetology and Phytotherapy which offer natural solutions for your skin problems and are compatible with an eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable vision.

Mirela Burcea

Co-founder - Specialist in microbiology

Mirela worked more than 20 years in university research on biotechnology, apiculture and related subjects. Since leaving university she has guided numerous successful business ventures. She acts as our scientific, business consultant and logistics master brain.

Cristina Budianu

Dual Therapist

Cristina Budianu after working in for many years in the hoteliery and tourism she decided to channel her healing powers and reconvert in a dual therapist. Her instinct of caring for people and her extremely positive attitude transform Cristina's treatments into a soul healing experience that you won't easily forget.

Sarah Clerx


Sarah has wide experience in the wellness domain. She studied socio-aesthetics, worked with surgeons and learned how to help post-operatory patients by using massage techniques to speed the healing process. Her interest in healing and comforting people took her to Chiang Mai where she studied traditional Thai massage at the prestigious “Sunshine massage school”. Additionally, she was formed in the art of parfum and aromatherapy for the last 6 years in renowned schools as the "L'académie du parfum” in Antwerp. After years of studies and practice, she became an educator passing on to others her expertise in skin care and massage therapy.

Arno Lanoy


Arno is what we call a true experienced hairdresser with almost two decades of experience working in the most renowned salons of Paris. After he mastered the French style of cut and colour he decided to move to London where he work for iconic brands and learn the English techniques. Now the path of life and love brings him to Brussels and we can’t be happier!