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Transform your skin with our 100% natural and highly effective skincare

Skincare with innovative biotech ingredients
made in Belgium

Our story doesn't start with a hike in the Himalayas or an ayahuasca session in the amazon.

Don't mind the dreamy images. We had our epiphany right here in Brussels, probably caused by exhaustion, during 5 years of hard work to create our own urban temple of relaxation. A place where people come to disconnect, rejuvenate and heal. We’ve had thousands of skin problems arriving on our doorstep. And like its host, every skin is unique.

A client with acne and sensitive skin who’s pregnant or somebody with an oily skin, closed comedones, photosensibility and facial pilosity are only a few examples of the complexity of nature's wicked cocktail of skin problems and real life situations we are dealing with every day.

This thorough analysis helped us create our line of highly potent skincare products that are risk-free and adapted for every skin situation. 

The Pro's

• Alchimie skincare is 100% of natural and organic sources 
• SUITABLE FOR: pregnant women, people with a sensitive or acneic skin, vegan lifestyle 
• WITHOUT: dyes or synthetic fragrance, petrochemicals, endocrine disruptors, silicones. 
• We created scents, unique and specific to our products without incorporating industrial perfume for cosmetics. 
• We only rely on European sources for production, choosing for the principles of circular economy and a more sustainable way of living.